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Team NINJA may be rebooting Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive.

The future of Team NINJA announced at South Korea G-Star Conference

During the South Korea G-Star Conference , Fumihiko Yasuda, the president of Team NINJA reveals the studio plans to reboot popular game series such as <Ninja Gaiden> and <Dead or Alive> after the releases of <Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty> and <Rise of Ronin>.

However, no specific details regarding the reboot of both titles. The company is currently working on <Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty> for PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S and <Rise or Ronin> for PlayStation 5. Besides, the <Ninja Gaiden> series' last mainline entry was released back in 2012. As for the <Dead or Alive> series last entry falls in 2019.

For your information, the <Ninja Gaiden> series features a ninja as the main core (obviously) with refreshing combat and the hard difficult combat system that has won a large number of fans. As for the <Dead or Alive>, it is a 3D fighting game like the Tekken series but with "jiggle physics". I guess that's one of the aspects of why fans love DOA.


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