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Taiwanese Live Streaming Platform 17LIVE Enters the Malaysian Market

Taiwanese operator 17LIVE Inc has announced the expansion of its live-streaming platform 17LIVE in the Malaysian market. The company has also revealed several Malaysian LIVERS who have signed contracts to live stream content on its platform.

"Through our 17LIVE platform, we hope to build connections and interactions amongst the Malaysian community in real-time to create a new form of entertainment platform that connects our talents and audience," said Alex Lien, CEO of 17LIVE for Taiwan and Southeast Asia. 17LIVE has recorded a staggering 45 million registered users worldwide and is the fastest app to achieve 10 million downloads on the live streaming application category.

During this pandemic, several Malaysians have signed up as LIVERS to overcome the financial challenges they face, including Elene, Sharron, and Janet. Elene suspended her studies in Australia due to the pandemic and returned to the country. She began earning some extra income by live streaming on 17LIVE. Fashion design graduate Sharron who failed to start her own business due to limited career opportunities here, found her source of income via 17LIVE. Janet becomes financially independent when she joins the platform and has since made new friends while gaining confidence in herself.

The company uses a state-of-art technology called Skyeye to provide a safe and secure environment on its platform. It also has a team that monitors the platform using AI monitoring and machine learning technologies to avoid any illegal or inappropriate content. The company has also introduced a new feature known as the "17LIVE Group Call" which allows a group of 9 people to interact through a single live stream.

17LIVE offers a variety of content like interactive games, music, art sharing, and more. The platform also hosts its own entertainment and invites celebrities to be their guests where users will be able to interact with them through messages, gifts, and shoutouts.

Besides local LIVERS, Malaysians will be able to stream content from international celebrities including:

  • Hong Kong actress, Gloria Yip

  • Hong Kong hip hop group 24Herbs member, Phat Chan

  • Japanese idol group AKB48

  • Japanese singer, Koda Kumi

  • Japanese musician, Gackt

  • Talent show host and emerging hip hop star Flawless Real Talk from the USA

  • Taiwanese singer, PikA Chiu

  • Taiwanese boy band, 831

  • Taiwanese rapper, OSN

  • Taiwanese-based pop singer, Julia Wu

  • Member of Taiwanese band – WOLF, Nine Chen

  • Taiwanese television host, Matilda Tao

  • Taiwanese television producer, William Shen

  • Taiwanese-based singer, Janice Yen

  • Singapore DJ, Amber Na

  • Singapore singer-songwriter, Kenny Khoo

17LIVE is collaborating with several local talent agencies to bring more LIVERS aboard. If you're interested, you can contact Another Space Sdn Bhd, FAMEST My, K&N agency, and Social Monkey. 17LIVE can be downloaded on iOS and Android here.


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