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Street Fighter: Duel announced

Capcom partners with Crunchyroll to bring fans Street Fighter: Duel, a new RPG Street Fighter title announced for mobile platforms.

Capcom has announced a new Street Fighter game, Street Fighter: Duel, which is set to be quite different from the typical Street Fighter outing. Street Fighter: Duel is a free to play mobile RPG.

The project will be a collaboration between Capcom and Crunchyroll. With Crunchyroll describing it as “the first ever RPG in the series,” but is also set to feature some of the series’ trademark fighting. Crunchyroll is perhaps the biggest name in anime outside of Japan, and has also worked on previous mobile game titles using strong anime IP such as My Hero Academia and Naruto.

Considering that Street Fighter is not an anime, and that Capcom has already released several mobile games including Street Fighter 4 CE for Android and iOS, the collaboration is a little odd. However, when considering the fact that Capcom is very busy working on Street Fighter 6, Monster Hunter, and the much anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake, it makes sense that the Osaka-based studio should look to outsource some of the work.

Street Fighter: Duel is being developed for Android and iOS.

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