• Melvyn "STARfisher"

Steam’s Autumn Game Festival is Now Live With Tons of Demos

Steam’s The Game Festival: Autumn Edition is now underway, with plenty of free game demos and livestreams to check out.

The festival, which comes after this year’s previous Spring and Summer iterations, will take place until 13 October 10am PDT, or 14 October 1am Malaysian time. As with the previous festivals, the focus is on indie titles and developers.

I haven’t delved into the Autumn festival’s offerings, but Raji: An Ancient Epic and KungFu Kickball, which I tried during the Spring festival, are worth checking out. The former is a top-down action-platformer inspired by Indian mythology, while the latter is a sports and fighting game mashup. There’s also Superliminal, which had me stumped progression-wise but left a positive impression with its surreal quality.

For me, I’ll be checking out Iwahime, a visual novel by the creator of Higurashi: When They Cry, and possibly Chinatown Detective Agency, a “cybernoir” adventure game made by a Singapore-based studio.

At the time of writing, the most popular games from the Autumn festival include the adorable-looking, physics-based Party Animals, Chinese action-RPG Xuan-Yuan Sword VII, and cyberpunk first-person slasher Ghostrunner.

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