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Steam Client Beta Update Completely Overhauled the In-Game Overlay: Pin Guides, Windows and Notes

Valve has just released the Steam desktop updates that "completely" overhauled the in-game overlay with additional features such as "game notes" and more in the current Steam client beta. The new Steam overlay features a brand-new UI along with new features which can be customized by users.

One of the new addition is the toolbar which allows users to access anything in the middle of a game such as friends chat, achievement progress, guides, discussions, web browser, and more. Additionally, the Game Overview feature is where you'll find guides, news, and achievements of the game you last played.

On top of that, Steam desktop users can also pin windows from overlay to appear on top of the game while in-game. The opacity level is adjustable according to the player's preferences. It is also available for notes, guides, discussions, and web browsers.

In fact, the screenshot manager and notifications UI have also been updated in the current Steam client beta where you can learn more about these updates on the official announcement.

Source: Valve

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