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State of Decay 3 is being made by Unreal Engine 5 with the help from Gears of War Devs

State of Decay 3 was currently being developed in Unreal Engine 5 with the help from Gears of War studio, The Coalition. The game was first announced 2 years ago during the Xbox Games Showcase event while the game is still under early pre-production phase. Glad that we are hearing about Undead Labs on Xbox's Major Nelson podcast about the game development. During the podcast, Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty revealed some information about State of Decay 3.

Here is what Booty said during the podcast:

"We have a structure in place, we just call them summits, where we get subject matter experts together for one or two days. We've had animation summits, UI summits, Unreal Engine summits, physics summits, etc. I think we did in the last year close to 25 of these. That's our main mechanism for teams to share technology back and forth."

According to Booty, Undead Labs have been working with The Coalition studio specifically when it comes to making use of their Unreal Engine 5 technology where The Coalition have been using it on the game Gears of War has come in handy for the team at Undead Labs who are using the knowledge and technologies in the development of State of Decay 3. Its great to hear that State of Decay 3 development are still on the track, hoping to hear more updates about this open-world survival game.

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