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Square Enix Opens Pre-Orders for Final Fantasy XVI Figure Diorama!

Square Enix has officially announced that consumers are able to pre-order a FORM-ISM figure diorama of Final Fantasy XVI titled Eyes on Home.

The diorama figure consists of three well-known (younger formed) characters from the game, Clive, Joshua and Jill, with each of them posing like they would in the game's key illustrations. The figure is said to stand around 7.87 inches tall. Furthermore this is said to be the series' first entry to the FORM-ISM SCENE product line, which may hint that there will additional FORM-ISM SCENE figures in the future.

This diorama figure will cost around $297.99, which is rather pricey but there is no denying that there will be those who see the value for this figure. The figurines will be releasing around May of 2025, but people may be able to pre-order them now to ensure that they will be able to get the figure before it ultimately gets sold out.


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