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Spotify Is Testing a TikTok-like Vertical Feed for Discovering New Music

Spotify is testing a new "Discover" feature that lets users scroll through a vertical feed of videos and like or skip them, like what you're seeing on TikTok, according to TechCrunch. The new feature was first spotted in the latest version of Spotify's beta iOS TestFlight build by Chris Messina. It appears as a fourth icon in the iOS app toolbar.

Discover may be a way for users to find new music by moving up and down the feed, much like how you discover new videos on TikTok. Tap on a heart to like the song and click the three-dot menu to see Spotify's standard information card about the song.

Messina says that the format may use Spotify's Canvas format for artists to create videos for their songs instead of using static images. They can be in the form of standard video and mixed media, with 2D and 3D graphics. Spotify believes that Canvas can boost key engagement metrics such as sharing, adding to playlists, and visiting profile pages.


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