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Sony Sold Twice The PS4s Compared To Microsoft’s Xbox One

Microsoft has finally revealed how much more successful Sony’s PlayStation 4 is compared to their Xbox One console.

In a document submitted by Microsoft to the Brazilian competition authority, CADE, the software giant revealed that Sony has moved over twice the amount of PS4 console units compared to Microsoft’s Xbox One last generation.

Microsoft also claims in their document that Sony pays developers not to join the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

The software giant submitted the document to defend its acquisition of publisher Activision Blizzard which has been contested worldwide for potentially anti-competitive behaviour.

It is no surprise that Sony would want to try and contest the acquisition because of their exclusivity deal with Call of Duty through timed-exclusive modes, cosmetics and features available for PlayStation users.

Regardless of Sony’s concerns, it seems inevitable that Microsoft’s acquisition of one of the largest game publishers in the industry will follow through in 2023.

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