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Sony’s Nixxes Acquisition Part of PC Porting Plans

Sony’s acquisition of Nixxes earlier this month is tied to its PC porting plans, the company has revealed.

As first spotted by GamesRadar, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Jim Ryan told Famitsu that the company planned to expand their game development capabilities and develop more exclusive titles for the PS5.

However, he also said that there was satisfaction with the company’s initiative to port its IPs to PC despite it being in its initial stages, and that they were looking forward to being able to work with Nixxes for that.

Image source: Nixxes website

Sony completed its acquisition of Nixxes on July 1, with PlayStation Studios head Hermen Hulst saying at the time that “Nixxes will be a strong asset for everyone across PlayStation Studios, helping our teams focus on their most important goal, which is to create unique PlayStation content at the best possible quality”.

Meanwhile, Nixxes founder Jurjen Katsman had said that the studio was “excited to bring our technical and development expertise to an IP powerhouse like PlayStation Studios”.

Nixxes has previously been involved in porting games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, the Tomb Raider reboot trilogy, and Marvel’s Avengers. “Over the past 15 years we’ve worked on several games, varying from a full conversion aimed at near simultaneous release with the original to just quickly helping out on a game which was in trouble,” the studio’s project page says.

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