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Some players are being forced by an Overwatch 2 bug to accidentally purchase skins

And it is not refundable.

Another setback in Overwatch 2's bumpy debut has occurred. This time, people are unintentionally purchasing items like skins using the in-game currency, which is non-refundable, due to a bug that gamers are reporting.

According to Dracyoshi post on Reddit, he posted the description of the bug on Overwatch subreddit. In fact, it seems that when players are chatting, the game will still record keyboard inputs. Thus, users who are simply talking with friends while using the Hero Gallery may mistakenly press a key that causes them to purchase a skin. Dracyoshi unintentionally spent 300 Legacy Credits on a Plutonium skin.

There is no sign that refunds or fixes are happening, despite the fact that they followed up with Blizzard support over the issue. Dracyoshi informed Kotaku that despite posting, Blizzard has yet to address the problem and continues to stand by its decision not to offer refunds for in-game currency purchases in this specific case. Players must somehow use the game's forums to provide feedback for the time being.

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