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SINoALICE is forcing players to delete their saved data after completing the final arc.

It's happening, again

Those who have played the Nier: Automata's True ending will know that Yoko Taro forces player to sacrifice their saved data to "assist" other players. And now, Yoko Taro is tormenting SINoALICE fans in the same way.

According to the tweet by @sino_english, it has been revealed that players who clear the final chapter arc will be forced to log out of their accounts once the cutscene is over. As they were not able to log in again, essentially erasing them and recreating the last scene of Nier Automata.

In addition, the official SINoALICE Chinese Facebook page have posted on 25th October, talking about the game's End of services for Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau servers.

(image source: GAMERBRAVES)

The post mentions that after the scheduled maintenance today (27th October), Yoko Taro and the production team will be in charge of the true ending of the game. As True Ending will be forced to erase their account in Chinese servers.

While the Japanese and Global versions of SINoALICE will not be affected by this ending, the players will once meet the same fate in the future. Guess Yoko Taro wanted to help the players to help with their depression by creating a quick and forceful way to erase their memories.



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