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Several Characters Get New Attire for Tales of Festival 2024

The official X account (formerly known as Twitter) of the Tales of Event released illustrations of several characters in new attires. The characters are Yuri and Rita from Tales of Vesperia, Earhart from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology 2, and Pasca Kanonno from Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology.

According to the tweet, these new attire will be used during the selling of the Tales of Festival 2024 merchandise. However, the merchandise of question has not been revealed as of yet.

The illustrations are shown below:

Not much information regarding the Tales of Festival 2025 has been known yet, other than the fact that the event will be held at Yokohama Arena. Though, the Tales of series general producer Yuusuke Tomizawa also commented on the upcoming festival.

In the tweet, he stated that the 2025 event will be the 30th anniversary of the franchise and that he hopes that it will be more "exciting" for fans. However, he didn't say much more than that.

However, things has not been smooth sailing for the Tales of series as many Tales of games, including Tales of Xillia 2, were recently removed from PSN. Though, with the optimism from the franchise, many wonder where the series will head off to next.


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