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SEAGM Announced Partnership with Utomik

Yesterday, SEAGM announced its new partnership with Utomik, giving players around the world to access Utomik's massive game library through SEAGM.

The collaboration will bring benefits to both companies, where Utomik will be able to gain access to global markets through SEAGM as the digital online store has over 4 million registered users and provides over 100 payment methods to its users. On the other hand, SEAGM will be able to tap into Utomik's large game catalogue with over 1250 games, making them more accessible to players, especially those with lower internet bandwidth.

CEO and co-founder of SEAGM, Tommy Chieng said, "We are excited that our partnership with Utomik to bring together gamers all around the world to not only have access to the enormous gaming library with one easy click, but also be able to do so effortlessly with the many payment options made available to users".


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