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Samsung Unveils Announces Sustainability Vision for Its Smartphones - the "Galaxy for the Planet"

Samsung has unveiled the Galaxy for the Planet, a new sustainability plan for its mobile communications business to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Samsung aims to achieve to delivering better environmental impact by 2025, and the Galaxy for the Planet marks the company has reached its initial targets to reduce "its environmental footprint and lessen resource depletion from production to disposal of its Galaxy products". Samsung is planning to achieve the following targets by 2025, including incorporating recycled material in all of its future mobile products, eliminating all plastics in mobile packaging, reducing standby power consumption of all smartphone chargers to below 0.005 W, and achieving zero waste to landfill.

To use recycled materials in its future products, Samsung is investing in new and innovative eco-conscious materials, taking their advantage, aesthetics, and durability into consideration. The company is also working on reducing, removing, and replacing unnecessary resources and materials, and incorporating eco-conscious solutions at the same time.

Samsung has been pouring efforts to produce energy-saving technology that increases energy efficiency but reduces power consumption. To date, it has successfully reduced the standby power consumption across its smartphone chargers to 0.02 W, which is among the most energy-efficient in the mobile industry. Samsung will also reduce e-waste on a global scale by optimising the products' lifecycle, improving the products' design processes, and via initiatives such as the Galaxy Upcycling, Certified Re-Newed, and Trade-In programs.

"Samsung is committed to creating solutions that enable a better future for our people and our planet. However, we know we cannot do this alone, and the collective fight for the planet is not a competition," said Stephanie Choi, SVP & Head of Marketing of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. "We strive for collaboration in everything we do, and our strategic partnerships across sectors, industries, and markets enable us to scale positive impact around the world – helping us achieve a more sustainable future."


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