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Samsung Showcases 2022 Neo QLED 8K and More at Unbox & Discover Event

Samsung has showcased its 2022 line-up of Neo QLED 8K, soundbars, accessories, and sustainability initiatives at its Unbox & Discover event.


The 2022 version of the Neo QLED 8K features the Neural Quantum Processor 8K, which has 20 independent neural AI networks, each analyzing the content's characteristics and picture quality for optimal viewing. The processor now has a new Real Depth Enhancer, which scans the screen and maximizes contrast with the background by enhancing the object without touching the background. Combined with the processor are the Quantum Mini LEDs that control the brightness of the display, a feature dubbed Shape Adaptive Light Control.

Ultra Slim Soundbar

For true immersion, the Neural Quantum Processor 8K is able to analyze the content on-screen in real-time for the Adaptive Sound features to track and move between speakers, precisely matching the movement on-screen.

In the flagship QN900B, sounds are produced from its 90W 6.2.4 channel audio system, which sports new top channel speakers and Dolby Atmos with Object Tracking Sound Pro. It has also been applied to voice recognition with Voice Tracking Sound for sound effects and voices to follow the movement across the screen.

In addition, Samsung has introduced a Wireless Dolby Atmos to its Neo QLED 4K and 8K TVs for high-quality audio without HDMI cables. The technology is also applied to the new 2022 Ultra Slim Soundbar.


The new accessories that Samsung introduced for its 2022 TVs include a Slim Fit Wall Mount that hangs the TV against the wall with swivel adjustments available, a Studio Stand that acts as a TV stand for the Neo QLED 8K, and the Auto Rotation that extends the rotating capabilities from The Sero TV to the Neo QLED 8K and can also double as a stand or wall mount.

Besides the new products, the company has introduced new features and user interface for the Samsung TVs and screens to become the central hub to watch content, control devices, play games, work out, and more. The features are:

  • New Smart Hub: This year, Samsung also unveiled Smart Hub, its new user interface, powered by Tizen. The all-new Samsung Smart Hub brings every aspect of the smart experience into one easy-to-navigate home screen. The new tab classifies features, settings, and content into three categories for a seamless user experience: Media, Gaming Hub, and Ambient. - Media: The Media screen organizes users’ entertainment options – including video on demand, streaming, and Samsung TV Plus 1 with 190+ free channels – and learns users' preferences with machine learning to make smart recommendations across all platforms and services. - Gaming Hub: Gaming Hub is a new game streaming discovery platform that bridges hardware and software to provide a seamless player experience. No downloads required, no storage needed. Samsung also announced partnerships with leading game streaming services – NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Stadia and Utomik, with more to come – to bring their libraries of games to the Gaming Hub. The new platform will be available later this year on select 2022 Samsung Smart TV models. 2 - Ambient: The Ambient screen enhances the home’s aesthetic, whether that means synchronizing the screen’s display with its surrounding décor or making a bold statement with eye-catching art.

  • Gaming Experience: In addition to the all-new Gaming Hub, the 2022 line-up comes with specifications and features that are made for the ultimate gaming experience. They include four HDMI 2.1 supporting ports 3, Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K 144Hz gaming, Super Ultrawide GameView, and Game Bar, making gaming more efficient and accessible for a fast-paced and streamlined experience. With these incredible picture quality and settings improvements, games will be more realistic and thrilling than ever. Samsung is also introducing an exclusive TV line-up for gaming in 43 and 50 inches in the near future.

  • Samsung Health: Samsung Health offers not only a wide variety of workout and wellness classes but also ways to track your progress and routines. Users can easily track their fitness journey and activities on their TV and seamlessly sync with other devices such as Galaxy Watch4 Series to track progress in real-time on the screen.

  • SmartThings: A critical component of the connected experience is Samsung’s SmartThings. With SmartThings, the screen becomes the central hub to conveniently control other home devices at a single point. This feature, included in Samsung TVs, takes advantage of the large screen to help users discover, view, and control devices at-a-glance.

  • NFT Platform: Finally, new in 2022 is Samsung’s NFT Platform, partnering with the industry leader, Nifty Gateway. The ambient mode will offer consumers a one-stop NFT platform to explore and display NFT digital arts on 2022 Neo QLED and QLEDs, a new way to collect and present artworks.

Lastly, Samsung announced its efforts to Going Green while manufacturing its products, including eco-packaging, battery-free SolarCell remote, using recycled materials, and achieving Carbon Trust certification.


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