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Samsung Partners with BTS to Produce Limited Edition S20+ and Galaxy Buds+

Here's something for hardcore ARMYs - Samsung is officially partnering with global K-pop phenomenon BTS to produce a limited edition S20+ smartphone and Galaxy Buds+.

The special edition S20+ will come in Mirror Purple, adopting the Galaxy Z Flip's signature colourway. Purple also happens to be the fandom's official colour, and will be reflected in the BTS edition Galaxy Buds+ as well.

A teaser has also revealed the unique box design, which features 7 purple hearts on a black background, likely representing each of the boyband's 7 members.

Pre-orders for the BTS X Samsung collab will open on 19 June, which happens to be the day that the BTS fandom - also known as 'ARMY' - was announced. The pre-order will run until 5 July, while the official launch date is set on 9 July. The production quantity and official pricing have yet to be revealed, but one thing's for sure - when BTS involved, a quick sell out is sure to follow.


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