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Samsung Launches "Born of the Galaxy Stars" Short Film Competition

Samsung Malaysia has launched a short film competition endorsed by the Malaysia International Film Festival (MIFFEST) - Born of the Galaxy Stars - seeking 22 aspiring filmmakers to produce their short films with the Galaxy S22 Series.

Samsung Malaysia has worked with 4 local directors in filming 4 genres of short films #withGalaxy S22Series: Fashion, Fitness, Romance, and Music.

To participate in the competition, interested filmmakers must submit a short script in-line with the theme "Borderless with Nightography" by 17 April, and include one of these concepts in the script: Fashion, Fitness, Romance, and Music. 22 winners will be selected to shoot and produce their films with the Galaxy S22 Ultra. The films will then stand a chance to win an award in July 2022 at the MIFFEST opening ceremony.

In addition, a grand prize winner will be selected from the top 3 filmmakers to receive a recognition award, a trophy, and a RM8,000 cash prize from MIFFEST. The top 3 short films will be premiered at the 5th Malaysia International Film Festival 2022.

Visit this link for more information about the Born of Galaxy Stars short film competition. If you're also an aspiring filmmaker, submit your entries for the competition here.


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