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Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Review: The Modernized Classic Watch



Stainless Steel build

Slightly Heavier

Return of Bezel

Mediocre Battery Life

Enhanced Screen

Ultimate Fitness Smartwatch

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Price: From RM1,399

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic lives up to its classic name, boasting a bold and sizable design that captures the essence of timeless aesthetics. It makes a perfect fit for people who love the classics, especially adults who want to look classy. However, it's worth noting that this model is slightly bulkier and heavier compared to its counterparts in the Watch series.

Samsung has loaded the 59g variant (while the 43mm Classic weighs a mere 33.3g) with an abundance of features and sensors. It offers the ability to monitor physical activity, heart rate, ECG, temperature, and provides valuable insights into body composition and sleep patterns. Nevertheless, wearing such a conspicuous watch during sleep might present some challenges. Look forward to our in-depth review of Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.



The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic takes a unique direction by embracing the retro aesthetics of a robust analog wind-up timepiece. Notably, nestled between the two primary customizable buttons, there is an ornamental metal feature that serves no practical purpose but unmistakably pays homage to vintage watch designs. Another remarkable return is that of the bezel, which had vanished with the Galaxy Watch 5. It now reappears with a textured, rotatable design that empowers users to control various watch functions.

You can effortlessly turn the bezel counterclockwise to view notifications or to the right to access crucial watch features such as exercise modes. Once inside each feature, the bezel becomes a helpful tool to navigate app controls and settings.

Samsung has revamped the watch band release mechanism by introducing an on-band button that retracts the pins, enabling you to remove the band with ease. It's worth noting that the button may appear somewhat perplexing, as there's no physical indication that the band can be detached; you simply need to press and pull.

Located on the curved back of the watch are sensors responsible for monitoring your heart rate, ECG, and temperature. Additionally, it incorporates a barometer, gyroscope, and light sensor. This is an imposing timepiece, measuring 47mm (46.5 x 46.5 x 10.9 mm) and weighing 59g. With IP68 and military-spec ratings, signifying its ability to withstand immersion, shocks, drops, and extreme temperature fluctuations, this smartwatch stands out for its remarkable durability.


Representing the premium option within Samsung's lineup, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic justifies its RM300 additional cost compared to the standard model, largely owing to its rotating bezel. This innovative feature not only enables quick and precise scrolling but also serves as a protective barrier for the display, adding a touch of enjoyable interaction to the watch.

Samsung has equipped the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with a generous 1.5-inch AMOLED Always-On display. This circular screen boasts both visual beauty and sharpness, thanks to its impressive 480x480 resolution. As a touch screen, it delivers exceptional responsiveness and speed. Furthermore, it benefits from a safeguarding layer of Sapphire crystal. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic excels in screen brightness, achieving a maximum of 2,000 nits, doubling the previous generation. With this heightened brightness, the display remains vivid and easily legible even in bright sunlight.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is brimming with features designed to monitor various aspects of your physical well-being. In the realm of fitness, Samsung offers an extensive collection of over 100 activity profiles, and you can even personalize your own workouts using the new custom workout feature. It reliably and automatically tracks specific exercises, including walking, running, cycling, elliptical workouts, rowing, swimming, and dynamic high-intensity activities. Additionally, it supports advanced running metrics such as ground contact time and vertical oscillation. The watch also keeps tabs on your daily activities, including steps taken, time spent, and calories burned.

One unique feature is its ability to assess your body composition, a novel addition. To do this, you input details like your height and weight and then gently place your middle and ring fingers against the watch's two buttons without touching your arm. This allows the watch to send a low-power electrical current through your body, measuring aspects like bone, fat, and muscle mass, much like a high-quality smart scale would. This process is known as Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA).

On the lifestyle front, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic offers calling and texting capabilities, a wide selection of watch face options, and access to an extensive range of apps, including Bixby, Google Maps, and Samsung Health. The Play Store also provides access to a vast array of third-party watch apps for download, featuring popular choices like Calm, Google Assistant, Spotify, and WhatsApp.


As per Samsung's official specifications, both the Galaxy Watch 6 and the Classic are said to offer a maximum battery life of 40 hours on a single charge (or 30 hours with the always-on display active). However, in practice, the actual battery performance might fall somewhat short of expectations, which can be a bit underwhelming for a new watch.

To extend the battery life, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic provides power-saving and watch-only modes. When the watch detects a low battery, it will prompt you to enable one of these modes. Alternatively, you can manually activate them by navigating to Settings > Battery and Device Care > Battery.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic takes approximately 80 minutes to reach a full 100% charge from being completely dead when using the included charger. The standard model, on the other hand, charges to full capacity in about 70 minutes. Samsung claims that just eight minutes of charging can provide enough battery life for eight hours of sleep tracking.

The Galaxy Watch 6 Classic comes with a typical puck-type wireless charger that connects via USB-C. Charging it from empty to full takes slightly over an hour. Additionally, you have the option to charge the Watch 6 Classic by placing it on the back of a compatible Samsung phone using reverse wireless charging.


As the premium choice within Samsung's lineup, the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic justifies its RM300 premium over the standard model, primarily thanks to its rotating bezel. This feature not only facilitates quick and precise scrolling but also acts as a safeguard for the display, making it a delightful addition to the user experience. Moreover, the Classic boasts a more eye-catching design, featuring a gleaming stainless steel construction and appealing stitching on its strap. It shares the same core strengths as the Galaxy Watch 6, offering swift performance, a comprehensive array of apps and connectivity features, and robust tracking capabilities for fitness, sleep, and overall health. If you're on a budget, the standard model is the way to go, but if you can swing it and love the classy looks, the Classic is a compelling upgrade.


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