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Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Review - The Universal Premium Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra appears to excel in various aspects, featuring a premium display, adaptable cameras, impressive battery longevity, and distinctive GenAI functionalities.



Next-Gen AI Features


Great Camera

Flat Design

Superb Performance

Flat Screen

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Price: From RM6,299


Samsung is maintaining a consistent aesthetic with the Galaxy S24 series, particularly with the Ultra model, which closely resembles the design of the 2021 Galaxy S21 Ultra. Despite this similarity, there are noteworthy alterations introduced in the latest iteration.

Additionally, Samsung takes the lead by incorporating the new Gorilla Armor, boasting 4x greater strength compared to previous protective glass versions and a 75% reduction in reflections. This enhancement aims to provide users with increased confidence in handling the glass-covered device.


Notably, Samsung has also transitioned to titanium for the premium segment of its smartphone lineup. The model colour that I have received for the review is Titanium Gray.


The most immediately noticeable change is the new 6.82-inch flat display, departing from the curved panel seen in previous generations. Despite its seemingly subtle nature, this alteration significantly influences the phone's appearance and tactile experience, while also providing an expanded digital canvas for S Pen doodles and note-taking. Personally, I find flat screens more user-friendly, but your preference may differ.

The screen itself is a splendid 6.82-inch AMOLED display, featuring top-tier technologies like an LTPO-enabled 1-120Hz refresh rate (now standard across the S24 range) and a QHD+ resolution. Notably, the display boasts a substantially enhanced 2600nits maximum brightness, ensuring effortless usage even under the bright sunlight. This brightness boost also positively impacts HDR10+ content playback.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra achieved an impressive score of 1,800,636, demonstrating superior performance compared to 80% of devices. This makes it a high-end device capable of supporting graphic-intensive applications.

The incorporation of cutting-edge GenAI-powered tools enhances the performance of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, ensuring top-end everyday functionality and responsiveness for an optimized experience.

Games Test

One Punch Man World

The latest game, One Punch: World, showcases an impressive performance, seamlessly running at a fluid 120 frames per second (fps) on the device, providing an immersive and visually stunning gaming experience for users.

Teamfight Tactics

The board game of League of Legends runs especially well with the screen being wide enough for the interface to use comfortably as it runs with with PC settings.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

I played the competitive MOBA gaming with Wild Rift, and running it at 120FPS made the gameplay smoother than ever. This enhancement significantly contributed to winning multiple competitive matches, and I felt like I was maximizing my potential by giving it my all at 120%.

PUBG Mobile

With Open World Battle Royale games that demand extensive rendering and view distance, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra ensures a seamlessly smooth experience, with not even the slightest fraction of stuttering in the gameplay. Achieving a chicken dinner victory is effortlessly managed with this phone.


The primary 200MP camera on the Galaxy S24 Ultra maintains its impressive capabilities, consistently delivering top-notch results as it did a year ago. The main, ultrawide, and 3x cameras retain their original specifications without any changes. A notable addition is the introduction of a new 50MP 5x periscope lens, enhancing the device's photography capabilities. Additionally, a suite of new AI-powered editing tools is now available for users to further enhance their captured content.

200MP PhotoCamera

The Galaxy S24 Ultra, boasting an unprecedented 200MP, redefines smartphone photography by capturing details that rival reality. With the highest megapixel count in the industry and advanced AI processing, this device establishes a new standard for image quality with every shutter click.

The result is an unparalleled level of clarity and precision, making the Galaxy S24 Ultra a true powerhouse in the realm of mobile photography.

The revolutionary ProVisual engine enhances the photography experience by intelligently recognizing objects, optimizing color tones, minimizing noise, and accentuating details.

Selfie Camera

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra elevates the selfie game with its impressive front camera capabilities. Sporting a 12MP lens with an aperture of f/2.2 and a wide-angle of 26mm, the selfie camera on the S24 Ultra ensures crystal-clear and vibrant self-portraits.

The advanced Dual Pixel Phase Detection Autofocus (PDAF) technology enhances the speed and accuracy of focusing, resulting in sharp and well-defined selfies. Whether you're capturing moments in low light or vibrant environments, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's selfie camera consistently delivers stunning image quality, making it the perfect companion for those who appreciate clear and detailed self-portraits.


The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra introduces a groundbreaking portrait mode that takes smartphone photography to the next level. With its advanced imaging technology, the S24 Ultra's portrait mode allows users to capture striking and professional-looking portraits with ease.

The intricate interplay of the multiple lenses and sensors, coupled with AI enhancements, creates a depth-of-field effect that beautifully isolates the subject from the background.

It's a sophisticated feature that enhances the overall composition of the photo, delivering a level of artistry that turns every portrait into a masterpiece.

Night Mode

The ProVisual engine of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra ensures that every night is captured in clear detail, while the Space Zoom feature puts you in the middle of the action, even in low-light conditions, delivering brighter and more stable photos and videos with its 1.6x larger pixels and wider Tele OIS, making distant subjects clearly stunning.



Telephoto Lens

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra's powerful periscope telephoto lens, boasting 50 MP, f/3.4 aperture, 111mm focal length, PDAF, OIS, and a remarkable 5x optical zoom, allows users to capture the intricate details of a beautiful flower with precision and clarity.


The Samsung S24 Ultra's supermoon mode enhances lunar photography, allowing users to capture the mesmerizing beauty of the moon with unprecedented detail and clarity.


Boasting an impressive 4855mAh capacity and enhanced energy efficiency, the battery of the Ultra provides extended life precisely when it's crucial, such as during intense moments like an epic boss battle. The Galaxy S24 Ultra features a 5000mAh (typical) battery with a prolonged lifespan, allowing for up to 30 hours of video playback or up to 95 hours of continuous music enjoyment.

S Pen

The transition to a flat display also benefits the S Pen, which is discreetly stored within the phone's chassis and easily accessible with a simple press of the tip. This design tweak translates to a slightly larger canvas for doodling, eliminating any wastage of screen real estate on curved edges that were previously inaccessible for writing.

Beyond the design aspect, the S Pen experience maintains consistency with its predecessors in the Ultra collection. It continues to deliver a top-tier writing experience, showcasing an impressive 2.3ms response time, ensuring minimal pen-to-screen lag and remaining among the fastest options available.

Features: Galaxy AI

At the core of the Galaxy S24 Ultra's innovative AI-driven photo editing tools is Galaxy AI, an overarching term encompassing a suite of new GenAI-powered features integrated into the S24 range.

AI Keyboard

The integration commences with the phone's keyboard, introducing a new Galaxy AI icon. By selecting this icon, users can not only modify the tone of their written content (formal, friendly, social media-focused, etc.) but also avail grammar checking capabilities.

It can also translate content into 13 languages, aiming to effectively tackle and surpass language barriers that users might face.

Search AI

A new way to search is here with Circle to Search.1 While scrolling your fav social network, just hold the home button and use your S Pen or finger to circle something and get Google Search results.

Stumble upon a photo of a plant so beautiful that you just have to know what it is? Circle it and ta-da, you'll get Google Search results. Now you can quickly get an answer without leaving your feed.

Summarise Notes AI

Whether you're engaged in a writing spree or making quick notes, Note Assist streamlines your content. Just commence writing, and easily transform it into a concise, easy-to-review summary later.

Live Translate

With Live Translate, you can now receive instant interpretation during phone calls, breaking down language barriers in a way never experienced before – even through messaging.

Respond in your own language, and it will be translated on the recipient's end as well.


In the conclusion, the AI-driven smartphone introduces a new concept to the new generation of smartphones, maintaining a professional and convenient experience. The camera, gaming, and features all offer plenty of opportunities for experimentation.

In my opinion, I really like the AI features of the phone, especially because I often communicate with people who use the Chinese language, which I don't know how to read. Previously, I had to copy and paste translations from one app to another. However, with Samsung's new AI features, it has become ten times more convenient for me to communicate with people in different languages. These features are also extremely useful in a working environment, complementing the other AI features mentioned above.


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