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Rumor: Sony may be working on a new PlayStation portable device.

PlayStation is reportedly working on a new remote-play handheld console that requires a PS5 to play games on the go. According to InsiderGaming, the new device is codenamed Project Q-Lite which is targeted to release ahead of the rumored PlayStation 5 Pro.

The Q-Lite will require constant internet and a PS5 console in order to play games remotely. Additionally, the source claims that the remote-play device will come with an 8-inch LCD touchscreen display in the center with the look of a DualSense controller.

It is also packed with the features of a DualSense controller which the Adaptive triggers with haptic feedback, volume buttons, a speaker, and an audio port on the device. What's more, it supports adaptive streaming for up to 1080p and 60FPS so strong internet connectivity is required for cloud gaming/remote play.

(Backbone One - PlayStation Edition)

It's worth noting that there is no information about the price range of Project Q-Lite, but Sony would probably be adjusting its price to compete with the popular competitor Steam Deck and the upcoming ROG Ally. Given the fact that it is a remote-play device, it is not sure whether can you play games when your PS5 is off.

Source: InsiderGaming, WhatIfGaming

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