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Rumor: Persona 3 Remake & Jet Set Radio Footage Leaked Online

Recently, the Persona 3 Remake rumored gameplay footage was revealed by Twitter user, aikaangelica on April 4 but it suddenly gain much traction today. The short footage shows one of the main characters in Persona 3, Yukari summoning her persona and dealing a combo with her bow.

aikaangelica also states that the gameplay footage was meant to be a part of the SEGA Internal meeting back in 2021. The Japanese characters in the footage are translated to "Footage in development", which means that ATLUS could be working on reviving its classic titles.

Despite this, people are also speculating that the gameplay footage was fan made since the animation is a bit clunky within a discussion in the gaming forum Reset Era. Aside from the Persona 3 Remake footage, there's also short footage that appears to be the "Jet Set Radio" reboot that could be in the works too.

(image source: SEGAbits)

While ATLUS has yet to verify the rumors on the Persona 3 Remake's development, readers are advised to consume this "rumored information" with a grain of salt.


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