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Rumor hints that the "Nintendo Switch 2" could embrace AR/VR with the new camera system

The rumored "Nintendo Switch 2" could be introducing a new camera function that could be used to introduce AR/VR capabilities of some kind. The new information comes from an Atlus insider who suggested the Persona 3 Remake, stating that "There is a new camera function with the Switch 2, not sure if it's VR," by a ResetERA user Angie.

The information corresponds with earlier reports from a manufacturing source in China, which indicated the potential inclusion of one or more new image sensors in the upcoming console. Unlike several previous Nintendo consoles that included cameras, the Switch notably lacks this feature. Instead, it is equipped with an IR sensor in one of its Joy-Cons

While rumors about the successor to the Nintendo Switch are sparse, fans can expect it to feature an 8-inch LCD screen with 512GB of internal storage. Very little is known about its backward compatibility. The "Nintendo Switch 2" is suggested to launch in 2024.

Source: WCCF Tech


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