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Royal Selangor Made a Durian Artisan Pewter Keycap

If you're a fan of artisan keycaps, you must have spent hundreds if not thousands on getting at least one for your keyboard. While you spend all the money getting them from overseas, why not check out this special keycap designed by Malaysians for the Malaysians.

Speaking of what represents our country, we are always reminded of our favorite "king of fruits". Yes, Royal Selangor has partnered up with Rebult Keyboards, a local vendor selling custom keyboard parts to release a limited edition durian keycap.

The Durian Artisan Pewter keycap is made by Royal Selangor as the brand is recognized as one of the world's largest Pewter decor forgeries. The keycap is casted from a master mould hand-sculpted by an experienced sculptor to create the shape of the fruit.

On 19 February at 10pm, the Durian Artisan Pewter keycap will go on sale on Rebult Keyboards' official website for RM359. Only 200 units will be available.


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