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ROG Ally Handheld Console could be another competitor for Steam Deck & AYANEO

The ROG Ally was first introduced a few days back on April 1, 2023. Many questions that the ROG Ally sudden announcement was an April fool's joke, but the company assured us that the new handheld gaming console will go on sale soon (via BestBuy).

The ROG Ally is a "PC" powered by a custom AMD APU that can run triple-A games on the go, making it another competitor to popular's handheld consoles such as Steam Deck and AYANEO. There's no release date and pricing announced yet by the official, but you may find the ROG Ally teaser below:

Furthermore, YouTuber Dave2D has published a ROG Ally hands-on video, to showcase the overall design, display, performance, features, battery health, and more compared to the Steam Deck. Most importantly, the ROG Ally can connect to ROG XG Mobile to form the most powerful console.

(source: Dave2D)

And again, ASUS did not announce how much the ROG Ally will cost, it could be depending on the specs of the console. Anyone interested may check out the Best Buy entry for ROG Ally (US & Canada).

Source: Dave2D, Engadget


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