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Robot Competitive Sports "BREAK ARTS III" is Currently in Development, with Steam Page & Trailer Up

PLAYISM and MercuryStudio have announced that the upcoming battle racing robot game "BREAK ARTS III" is being developed. The company promises co-op and competitive game modes similar to the prequel title BREAK ARTS II, in which players can strategically customize their own mecha to suit the terrains and environments of the stages to compete in the game.

There will be multiple game modes available to play against, including Race, where no weapons and fight includes in the match, it's only all about racing to the finish line in the circuit; Battle, a mode where players can conveniently arm their mechas and fight against other players; as well as Battle Racing, a complete chaos mode where you've to fight and racing in the track.

According to BREAK ARTS III's development team, a playable demo will be available at PAX West in September 2023 at the PLAYISM booth where players are welcome to try out the game and bring back some gifts.

BREAK ARTS III release date was not announced, but the game will feature English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese at launch. Find out more about BREAK ARTS III via the Steam Page below:


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