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RM900 Discount on Laptops? Check Out Aorus' 11.11 Prime Day Deals

Just yesterday, we took a look at the Aorus 15G gaming laptop. While we'd love to tell you to grab one on 11.11, unfortunately it's so hot-selling that it's currently out of stock.

Instead, why don't you check out the wide variety of other Intel 10th Gen laptops that ARE available and come with a huge discount to boot?

The Aorus 5 MB is highly recommended as it offers extreme value at just RM3,799 for a 144Hz display, while the Aorus 5 KB and Aorus 5 SB come equipped with 10th Gen Intel Core i7 processors under RM5,500. The former is equipped with a RTX 2060 graphics and costs just RM5,499 (down from RM6,399), while the latter is equipped with a more modest GTX 1660Ti for just RM5,099 (down from RM5,899).

Finally, if you're looking for something larger than a 15", the 17" Aorus 7 KB is going for RM5,899 and packs an Intel Core i7 processor along with RTX 2060 graphics.

To check out these deals, head on over to Gigabyte's official Lazada store.

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