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Riot Games Releases Copyright-Free Album for Creators - Sessions: Vi

The developer of the popular League of Legends has recently released a copyright-free lo-fi album of instrumental beats that creators and streamers are free to use in their contents.

The album was named “Sessions: Vi” in honor of the Piltover Enforcer, Vi from League of Legends. According to Riot Games, the developer was committed to the promise of making a music project that’s safe to stream and free to use. The one hour and forty-minute album consists of 37 tracks in partnership with a number of musicians such as Chromonicci, Junior State, Laxcity, and Tennyson.

“With how music and the complexities of the internet and all that stuff works. How can we make it easier to be a streamer, or how can we make it easier to be a lo-fi jazz producer, or listener. Like how can we make those easy and fun. And this is solving all those problems in a really fun and creative way,” said Toa Dunn, head of Riot Games Music.

Fascinatingly, there is a loose story of the album’s animation. The music starts off with one that helps Vi relax when she gets home from work and then transitions to one that fits her mood when she’s fixing equipment and carrying out tasks. Finally, the music ends with a more soothing tone as Vi gets ready for bed. While the story does not have a strict narrative, it helped guide Riot, the music artists, and the visual collaborators to get the right mood for each track and moment.

The music video, illustrated by artist Deathburger, features Vi’s daily routine such as eating, working, and reading - in short, simple movements.

“The Sessions: Vi” is now available to listen across major streaming platforms: Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

Watch the full music video here:


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