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Riot Games is Working on an MMO, Tweet Reveals

Riot Games is working on an MMO set in the League of Legends universe.

The info comes via Riot Games VP of IP and Entertainment Greg Street. Street had tweeted about a new project, prompting a user to ask if the game in question was an MMO. In response, he said, “It is an MMO.”

Street had originally tweeted, “My recent job at Riot has been to help develop the League universe, which we’re going to need! Because it is time. My new job is to kick off a big (some might say massive) game that many of you, and many Rioters, have been asking us to create.” He added that the studio was currently hiring as well.

Street didn’t elaborate on the game’s details, so we don’t have much to go on. The only other thing of note that we know of is that Street was previously a lead designer on World of Warcraft, Age of Empires, and League of Legends, as mentioned in his Twitter bio.

Back in December 2019, Riot co-founder Marc Merill told Travis Gafford that he “would love to make an MMO”. “Just to manage expectations though, if we were to do something like that, you know, it wouldn’t be soon,” he said. “These things are incredibly hard to make. Anyone that’s ever built an MMO, deserves a medal.”

Merill added, “It is so much work, it is so hard to do, and we would try to really do it justice, right? And, that’s not easy.”


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