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Riot confirms the League of Legends World's anthem - Star Walkin, by Lil Nas X

On Thursday, Riot revealed the new Worlds anthem, Star Walkin’ by Lil Nas X

The finest League of Legends teams from all over the world gather for a World Championship each year, where one team is honored as the best in the world. Worlds is a huge competition with a lot of ceremony and hype around the events, and this year's tournament is no exception. This year, 24 qualified teams will compete in Worlds, which begins September 29 and runs through to the finals on November 5.

The music video is set in San Francisco, which is the host city for this year's World Championship Finals 2022. The city begins to change to reflect the environments from the game as the players walk though along the giant mechs. A handful of champions like Thresh, Azir, Rell and Twisted Fate shows up on the scene as giant mech piloted by pro players.

The music video for "Star Walkin" highlights pro players from all four League of Legends major regions in animated form in a similar style to the previous Worlds anthem, featuring players, Marek 'Humanoid' Brazda of Fnatic and Tian 'Meiko' Ye of Edward Gaming, Jeong 'Chovy' Ji-hoon of GenG, and the aforementioned CoreJJ take centre stage.

As well as performing in the song's music video, Lil Nas X will also be performing "Star Walkin" at the 2022 World Championship finals on November 6.

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