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Revive Your Trusty Old HUAWEI Phone With Promotional All-In Repair Prices

Got an old HUAWEI phone on its last legs? Don't give up on it just yet - it's time to bring it back to life with HUAWEI's limited time promotional offer. Users can now replace certain parts of their older devices at special all-in prices, which include replacements parts as well as the service charge.

All you have to do is drop by any HUAWEI Authorised Service Centre to enjoy promotional prices for the replacement of these specific parts:

LCD screen for phones and tablets: Starts from RM99

Back cover: Starts from RM69

Mainboard: Starts from RM159

All replaced parts will come with a 90-day warranty, while those who get their mainboard or LCD screen replaced can also top up just RM9 to get their device's back cover replaced.

The promotional prices will be available from 12 August - 1 October 2020. The list of all applicable phone models can be found here.

To make sure the outlet you're visiting has available stock of the parts you're looking for, feel free to contact them and make a reservation before bringing in your device for repairs.

For additional peace of mind, you can also purchase the HUAWEI Care protection plan along with your latest HUAWEI device. It offers a one-time screen replacement within a year, along with an additional one-year warranty period, so you don't have to worry about accidentally yeeting your phone at the wall in a fit of gamer rage.

Models applicable for HUAWEI Care can be found below:

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