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[Review] Solid Midrange In Every Way - vivo V27



+ Long battery life

- Filled with Bloatware

+ Slim and fashionable design

- Only one speaker

+ Immersive display

vivo V27

Price: RM1999

The newest member of the vivo V series, the vivo V27 is now available in Malaysia! The vivo V27 sports an exclusive-color changing design alongside the IMX766V flagship sensor to allow users to capture stunning night portraits. So let’s move on to the vivo V27 review right away!



The vivo V27 comes with four color choices: Magic Blue, Emerald Green, Flowing Glow, and Noble Black, our reviewing vivo V27 reviewing unit will be the Flowing Glow. The back of the V27 is coated with a glittering gold base which will reflect the light on the surface, slowly changing the color of the back to a more pinkish hue gradient on different angles.

The huge rectangular shape at the back houses the triple camera as well as the ring-shaped flashlight kept at the side. The V27 is aesthetically pleasing indeed, but the housing of the camera denies your device and causes it to wobble on a flat surface. Thus, you might need to consider getting a case to balance out the uneven area.



The vivo V27 is equipped with a 6.78-inch AMOLED display with an FHD+ resolution of 2400 x 1080 curved display with a punch-hole design notch. The huge display offers users the most immersive viewing experience on the V27. And, it is still comfortable to use one-handed for your day-to-day usage.

It also supports up to a fast 120Hz refresh rate. As for the refresh rate, it can be changed between Smart Switch refresh rate, 60Hz, and 120Hz based on your usage. If you want to find the balance between performance and sustainability, Smart Switch is a choice to go as it helps to preserve battery life by constantly switching to a low refresh rate when not needed.



The vivo V27 houses a triple-camera setup with a 50MP OIS Main Camera, an 8MP Wide-angle Camera, and a 2MP Macro Camera.

You may also notice the “Ring” flash on the side of the camera, known as the AuraLight which can provide a gentle glow in contrast to the normal ring light’s flash.

(AuraLight mode)

(Typical Flash mode)

As you can see, the pictures taken with the V27 camera appear to be more vibrant without losing out on the details of the image, and without needing to edit the picture afterward.

One of the notable features of the V27 would be its photography capability. It is equipped with an IMX766V flagship sensor, paired with the vivo’s Aura Light Portrait system to allow users to capture stunning low-light photography with ease. With that being said, you may check out the pictures taken in Night mode below:

Thanks to the increased 59% sensor size on Sony’s IMX766V sensor, it makes nighttime photos appear vivid and luminous with optical image Stabilisation (OIS) which expands the exposure and light intake of the lens.



The vivo V27 is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 7200 processor along with 12GB RAM + 256GB storage. The V27 also offers another 8GB of extended RAM for performance-oriented users, to allow them to run many apps without compromising the smoothness when using the vivo V27.

To find out how the 4nm Dimensity 7200 chip performs, min min ran the AnTuTu Benchmark on the vivo V27, which results in a score of 602,334. In addition, we must test whether the V27 can run Genshin Impact.

The vivo V27 can only run Genshin Impact on medium settings with “BOOST” mode on, it still stutters a little bit during combat. However, the V27 never heats up excessively during the entire gaming session which is impressively strong for the midrange class.

In terms of battery life, the V27 packs a 4600 mAh battery capacity, slightly larger than its predecessor vivo V25. Not only that, the V27 also provides a faster charging speed of 66W FlashCharge, which is a useful feature in today's fast-paced lifestyle.


Buy or no buy?

To sum things up, the vivo V27 is a stunning midrange device judging by the color-changing design and the unique “AuraLight” flash. It can take on your everyday routine task efficiently with its solid hardware and performance.

Despite the vivo V27's lack of stereo speakers, the big display, sophisticated design, photography capabilities, and price would be able to make good of these drawbacks.

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