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[Review] Attractive lights, Affordable price - Armaggeddon Lumo 2 RGB



RGB Lighting

​Lacking in bass

Multiple Features

Compact and Lightweight

Armaggedon Lumo 2 RGB

Price RM99

Armaggeddon is a brand that you could always trust to deliver affordable yet good quality products. Today we are looking at Armaggeddon’s new Lumo 2 RGB speakers, a bluetooth stereo speaker filled to the brim with RGB lighting. But does the sound quality hold up?


What’s in the box?

You can find the speakers itself with the USB connector and a 3.5mm cable connected to the speakers together with some paperwork to guide you on using the product.



The Armaggeddon Lumo 2 RGB consists of two medium sized speakers for stereo playback. Both of which are light and compact thanks to the plastic housing built around the speakers. Perfect for tabletop use.

Located on top are the RGB lights that lights up once the speakers are connected to a power source or PC and are bright enough to light up an entire room. On the sides of the speaker you can find the RGB lights lighting up Armaggeddon’s logo and the product name.

On the front of the speaker you can find the 2.5” speaker drivers on at the bottom part and the control buttons at the middle.



The Armaggeddon Lumo 2 RGB speakers feature 3 different modes. AUX mode, Bluetooth mode and MP3 player mode. AUX mode is your standard plug and play mode, connecting the 3.5mm cable into any device that is capable of music playback and vibe to your tunes.

Bluetooth connectivity

The Lumo 2 RGB now features Bluetooth 5.3, meaning the connection range could reach up to 9m with obstacles like walls that normally would interfere with connectivity. Also there is virtually no lag between video and audio playback, perfect for gaming and entertainment on your Bluetooth devices.

MP3 player

A USB port can be found on the left side of the left side speaker, this USB can be used to turn the speaker into an MP3 player. Simply insert a USB thumb drive into the port and you can use the controls on the left side speaker to control playback of your music.

Sound Quality

The speakers have decent sound quality, bright sound signature but lacking in bass. Which could be a turn off for some customers. But for the price of RM99 some compromises have to be made. But even without the bass the sound is crisp and clear enough for the general audience to appreciate their music all day long.


Is it worth your money?

Overall, the Armaggeddon Lumo 2 RGB is good enough for daily usage while being an affordable option for speakers. The Bluetooth feature is very useful and the built-in MP3 player is a feature that is great to have. And you can’t forget about the attractive RGB lighting effects for you to bang your heads to while vibing to your favourite songs. For its price it’s a good enough speaker to please the majority of consumers on the market.

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