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[Review] A White Monitor For Your White Setup? The BenQ Mobiuz EX3210U



+ 4K 144Hz Display

- Quite pricy

+ Good Audio

- No USB-C port

+ Minimalist Design

​- Only rear of the monitor is white

BenQ MOBIUZ EX3210U 4K 144Hz IPS Gaming Monitor


When a white monitor with amazing features showed up on my doorstep, I just knew that I had to review it as white monitors don't often come often.



The design of the MOBIUZ EX3210U monitor is rather sleek and stylish rather than plain and boring.

On the back of the monitor, you will find a TreVolo powered speaker and a MOBIUZ logo that doesn't really take much unwanted attention.

The stand comes in a simple grey and white finish with a dark orange on the inner side facing you to give it a subtle pop of colour but not too much that it becomes distracting.

As BenQ specializes in comfort, the stand is ergonomic allowing adjustments like tilt, swivel and height adjustments which I personally enjoyed because it ensured my comfort while playing games.



The display on this monitor is great and doesn't disappoint despite the price tag that it comes with. The MOBIUZ EX3210U comes with a 32" 4K and 144Hz IPS display which eases playing or working with this monitor.

For gamers, it comes with a 1ms MPRT response time allowing fast response and even faster reaction time. Upon trying this out, I personally did not experience any drop in frame rates and screen tearing - allowing me to enjoy my games to the fullest.

If you crave colour accuracy for content creation, the 98% DCI-P3 colour gamut that comes with HDRi and FreeSync Premium Pro made editing as easy and gentle to the eyes as possible.

What makes HDRi a prominent feature in a monitor? HDRi is BenQ's intelligent and adaptive technology that allows the monitor to detect the brightness of your surroundings and it automatically adjusts the display featured on the monitor.

The HDRi feature comes with three modes to choose from namely: display HDR, game HDRi and Cinema HDRi, which we put to the test on 3 of the top gaming titles of 2022 and here's our opinion.

Spiderman: Miles Morales looked better in Display HDR as the game looked better when Spiderman swung around the city. The sky looked more realistic and the colour appeared more vibrant as well.

Elden Ring on the other hand looked better on Cinema HDRi because the game looked like a movie instead of a game. The shadows are noticeably more in depth and the textures had a higher contrast.

Forza Horizon 5 looked incredibly superb in Game HDRi as the mode truly accentuated the colours while the brightness was more balanced and the details inside the car were more visible.



The speaker 2.1 Channel (2Wx2 + 5W woofer) of the MOBIUZ 3210U is powered by TreVolo which can be located on the back of the monitor as mentioned previously - but what made the audio stand out to me was that we have the option to customize the audio according to our liking.

The five audio modes to choose from are FPS mode, Cinema Mode, Racing Game mode, Sports Game mode and Pop/Live Mode.

I personally fancied the FPS mode for gaming which provided full audio intensity while the Racing Game Mode made me feel as if I was riding in a car on the race track.

The Cinema mode is rather great for movie nights and the pop/live mode is awesome for those solo karaoke nights.

The Sports Game mode is my favourite for when I'm watching tournaments allowing the shout casters voice to be clear and loud.

The monitor also has an AI Noise Cancelling Microphone that ensures my voice is heard loudly and clearly in game.


Remote Control

I personally like how there is a remote control included in the package allowing me to control the OSD settings without digging my fingers through the back of the monitor when I need to change my display settings.



The ports it comes with should be sufficient for people with multiple gaming devices. It comes with 2x HDMI 2.1 ports, 1x DisplayPort 1.4 port, 1x 3.5mm audio jack, 1x USB Type-B port and 4x USB Type-A ports.

The DisplayPort 1.4 can achieve display output of 4K 144Hz with a PC while the HDMI 2.1 can achieve 4K 120Hz with a PS5 console.

However, I would kind of hope it came with a USB Type-C port given that the majority of devices can now be connected via USB Type-C.


Eye Care Features

The MOBIUZ EX3210U comes with BenQ's eye care technology to increase viewing comfort. It has a Brightness Intelligence Plus, LowBlueLight and Flicker Free technology.

These added features made my viewing easier on my eyes and did not hurt it at all even after hours of viewing and gaming.


Buy or no buy?

Overall, this is an incredible monitor that comes with amazing features - it is however on the pricier side of things so it is completely up to you as to whether you think it is worth the splurge or not.


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