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'Ready Player One' Novel Sequel Gets Official Release Date

The sequel to critically acclaimed novel Ready Player One will be hitting shelves soon, and it'll be called - wait for it - Ready Player Two (groans).

I'm pretty sure we've all watched Ready Player One, the movie adaptation of Ernest Cline's titular book. If you haven't, then SPOILER ALERT.

Taking place a little further in the future than our current timeline, the story revolves around main protagonist Wade Watts, who - like almost everyone else in the novel's fictional setting - lives in a virtual world called The Oasis, where "you could be anyone, or anything". The adventure begins when Wade Watts participates in an epic treasure hunt, where the winner will walk away with complete control over The Oasis. After numerous struggles and a few friends gained along the way, Wade Watts and friends eventually triumphed and gained control of the virtual world.

With the first episode concluding on that note, Ready Player Two's plot remains unknown. Cline did not reveal too much of the plot during the press tour of the 2018-released movie, so we're all left to our own imaginations. Could they be facing a group of cyber-hackers that threatens the very existence of The Oasis? Is global warming about to devastate the Earth, with the only solution to be found inside The Oasis? Do they get to live happily ever after?

Your guess is as good as mine, but I'll be one of the many waiting in line at the local bookstore once Ready Player Two becomes available on 24 November.


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