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Razer's Free Masks Will Be Arriving on Malaysian Shores This July

Last month, Razer announced that they will distributing free face masks via vending machines placed around Singapore as part of their #RazerForLife initiative.

Now, it seems that the initiative will indeed be carried out in Malaysia as well, albeit via a less novel way than vending machines. Instead, you can redeem your face masks via 7-Eleven outlets throughout Malaysia thanks to a collaboration between Razer Fintech and Berjaya Corporation.

Similarly, you'll have to be a verified Razer Pay user to be eligible for the redemption, and you'll be able to redeem 1 free mask per month from July until November 2020 for a total of 5 free masks per user.

If you want any more than that, you can also complete a Razer Pay transaction above RM10 in selected 7-Eleven stores to qualify for another free mask. Unlike the monthly redemptions, you can conduct one transaction per day as many times you want between 1 July and 31 December 2020.

While the initiative is currently only available in partnership with 7-Eleven, Razer is encouraging interested parties to join the effort by reaching out to them at


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