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Razer to Distribute Free Masks via Vending Machines in Singapore

Earlier this year, Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan announced that the company will be setting up several manufacturing lines to help ramp the production of face masks, which were in short supply at the time.

Now, they have confirmed that they will be giving one free #RazerForLife surgical mask to every Singaporean resident aged 16 and above...via vending machine.

To claim their free mask, each eligible Singaporean will need to install the Razer Pay app, from which they will receive one mask coupon. The coupon can then be scanned at the machine to dispense the free mask.

The simple process can be viewed here:

Although masks don't appear to be in short supply now, it is still great that Singaporeans will have access to at least one free mask if needed. Best of all, it seems to be a great way for Razer to encourage adoption of the Razer Pay app.

Currently, the exercise is still in beta mode - and will be until 2 June 2020 - with only 1 vending machine on the island nation so far. However, Razer claims that they intend to install up to 20 machines around the country by 1 June, with an estimated 5 million masks to be distributed by the end of the exercise.

The only thing that we're disappointed about is that the masks don't come in Razer's signature black and green. Oh, and we're still hoping for a Chroma version of the vending machine, of course.

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