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Rainbow Six Siege’s New Attacker Has Bomb Drones

Flores, Rainbow Six Siege’s latest Attacker and the first Year 6 Operator, may have a master thief background, but he comes packing a pretty loud gadget.

As Ubisoft’s Operation Crimson Heist gameplay video reveals, the game’s Argentinian and first openly gay character’s gadget is an explosive and bulky-looking drone called the RCE Ratero. Like the regular Attacker drones, the Ratero can jump and go anywhere those drones can go, but it can’t slow down once it gets going (which it does automatically after being placed). It’s also squishy while on the move, but once it’s triggered, either manually by the player or when a countdown ends, the Ratero anchors to a surface and becomes bullet-proof. After this, the Defenders will have a few seconds to get away before the gadget blows up.

The explosive force from the Ratero is strong enough to not just kill other Operators, but also destroy barricades. And with the anchoring ability, the Ratero can stick itself to vertical surfaces as well, although it won’t be able to destroy reinforced walls.

Weapons-wise, Flores has an AR-33 assault rifle and SR-25 marksman rifle for primary options and a GSH-18 pistol for his secondary. Meanwhile, he can equip stun grenades or claymores as his secondary gadget. Flores has medium stats for speed and armour.

Flores won’t be the only one packing an explosive punch, however. Crimson Heist is also introducing a new secondary called the GONNE-6, which can be equipped by some Attackers. The weapon has one explosive round which can be used to blast holes in walls or take out bulletproof gadgets.

In addition, the video also previewed the reworked Border map and revealed that the Match Replay feature will enter beta with Crimson Heist’s launch.

Flores will be available as the first unlock of the Crimson Heist Battle Pass, and will be exclusive to Battle Pass owners for two weeks before being purchasable with renown or R6 Credits later. Meanwhile, the GONNE-6 and reworked Border will be available for free at launch.


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