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Ragnarok X's Valentine's Day Event Goes Live

Starting from today until 21 February, players can join Ragnarok X's Valentine's Day event, featuring a series of missions called "In the Name of Love" to receive rewards, which can be used to redeem various Gift Box items, such as Headgear Magpie's Peak, Floral Poetry, Valentine Costume, and more. A new mission can only be unlocked after the previous mission's rewards are collected.

During the event period from today until 18 February, players with an active Kafra's VIP Card can purchase an Item Pack and get a free one to send to their friends. To send the gift, both players must be friends before the event starts or must be at least Base Lv.50. Each Item Pack can only be received for free three times.

Lastly, players may use this code "2022LETSROX" to redeem a Gacha Coin Selection Pack*5 + Alloy Pickaxe*1 + Onigiri Hat Blueprint*1. Only 100,000 codes are available in the Southeast Asia region.

Besides the Valentine's Day event, the KVM battles are returning as players can sign up to participate in 5v5 PvP battles from 21 February - 6 March. The battles are set to take place every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday between 20:30 - 21:30. Players who complete certain quests during the period will be rewarded with Lucky Draw tickets to purchase Crystals. There will also be leaderboards displaying the best Guilds and the best players within each Job Class.

A new Battle Achievement System will also be introduced on 9 March for players with Base Lv.50 and above.


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