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Ragnarok X: Next Generation's New Pet System Update Is Now Available

Ragnarok X: Next Generation's new Pet System update is now live where players will be having their own loyal pets that will follow them around throughout the game as well as assist players in battles. In the original Ragnarok Online, the pet system features a number of monster companions for players to catch and raise and these companions will be their loyal followers.

The new Pet System update will see pets with a specific talent that highlights their special passive traits, which will be useful during battles. Players can level up their pets' intimacy level using special props. Players can train their pets with up to 6 random active skills. There's also the pets' Bond level feature that functions like the Bond Card system.

The new update will introduce players to a total of 16 pets for collection, where they have to catch 9 of them, evolve another 6, while Phreeoni will only be available through events. Only players who have a base level of 60 and above will have access to the pet system. After unlocking the system, players must complete three quests before being able to adopt any pet: learn to buy a slingshot, load the slingshot, and unlock the Pet Encyclopedia.

The new update will also have two special events - Poring vs. Lunatic event and the Pet Adventures event - open for all players. In the Poring vs. Lunatic event, players will be divided into two factions and they must compete to earn Favor Points by completing daily quests. Meanwhile, in the Pet Adventures event, players can opt to either play a Monopoly-styled board game or hunt monsters through Odin's Blessings to earn Activity, which can be used to exchange for prizes in the event's Exchange Store.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is available on Google Play Store and App Store.


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