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Ragnarok X: Next Generation Is Ready for the Upcoming Halloween Revelry Party

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is getting ready for its upcoming Halloween Revelry Party from 31 October - 11 November.

Players who are Base Level 35 and above will be able to join the party by speaking to Jakk near Odin's Stature in Prontera during this period between 8pm - 9pm. Players must eliminate the mini- and MVP-bosses summoned by Jakk across different areas of Pronterra to earn exclusive Halloween "Badge" materials, edible candies, and more. Players will be ranked based on their performance when the event timer is over and they will receive extra event currency, which can be exchanged for special prizes from the Deviling Hat to the Resurrection on Night March and Witch costume sets within 7 days after the event ends before Jakk leaves.

Additionally, Nuverse has added the cross-server GvG system permanently in the game following its success in the recent Cross-Server Ultimate Hunter Showdown event.


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