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Rage 2 and Absolute Drift are Free on Epic Games Store This Week

The open world FPS sequel Rage 2 is free on Epic Games Store this week, along with minimalist drifting game Absolute Drift.

Rage 2 is set on a post-apocalyptic Earth with gangs and a tyrannical faction called the Authority. As the last Ranger, you’ll have to stop the Authority and engage in both first-person combat and vehicle battles. Made by the Just Cause series’ Avalanche Studios in collaboration with original developers id Software, Rage 2 introduced special powers and swapped the first game’s semi-open world setting to a full open world, although the open world aspect was ironically considered by many reviewers to be one of its weak points.

Meanwhile, Absolute Drift offers a drifting experience with 34 levels and three modes: Driftkhana, Drifting, & Mountain Drifting. There are up to six customizable drift cars, as well as five free-roam areas including a “floating metropolis”. Other features include online leaderboards, elites events, competing against other players’ ghost cars, and a three hour+ original electronic soundtrack by C41 and NYTE.

You can grab Rage 2 here and Absolute Drift here.

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