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Quick Guide to 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Diving Update - New Creatures, DIYs, and More

50Animal Crossing: New Horizons' latest update adds diving to the list of activities you can do on your island. Of course, with it comes new sea creatures, new DIYs, and new NPC encounters. Without further ado, let's dive into it!

How do I swim?

You can go to the pier / rocky platform close to the shoreline / or any beach area and press 'A'. You can control your direction using your left joycon while spamming 'A' to swim faster. You can only swim in the sea, not in any ponds or rivers.

How do I flip-dive?

Get a running start towards the pier or a rocky platform, then press 'A' near the water to flip-dive. Cowabunga!

How do I dive?

Press 'Y' to dive, and 'Y' again to surface. You will surface automatically after 5 seconds if you do not press 'Y' again. Wearing a snorkel will prolong this duration.

Where can I get a snorkel?

You will receive one in the mail after updating your game. Alternatively, you can purchase one via the ABD for 800 nook miles points, but it will only arrive the next day.

What else is the snorkel used for?

Having a snorkel allows you to dive deeper into the water to hunt scallops and pearls. Scallops can be exchanged with Pascal for random Mermaid DIYs or pearls. The pearls are the materials used in Mermaid DIYs.

Where can I find Pascal?

The current consensus is that Pascal appears at random some time after catching your first scallop. We will update the article once we have new information that indicates otherwise.

How do I pick up sea creatures?

Find a patch of bubbling water indicating the presence of a sea creature, then press 'Y' to dive and 'A' to chase it and pick it up. Be quick or it might escape!

How do I stop swimming?

Simply head back to the shore. Do note you can only leave the sea via the beach, and not via any grassy area or platform.

Where can I get a wet suit?

You can purchase one for 3,000 bells from the cabinet in Nook's Cranny, or order one from your ABD (or ATM), which will arrive the next day. Note: The wet suit is considered a clothing item and not a tool.

What creatures can I get by diving?

The following information is based off Polygon's findings (we haven't had the chance to play after the update yet TT) - we will update the article as more creatures are discovered.

Which Mermaid DIYs are available?

These are the recipes that have surfaced so far - we'll be adding more to the list as more are discovered.

How can I find Pirate Gulliver?

Presumably, Pirate Gulliver will wash up on your shores randomly like regular Gulliver. The only difference is that he starts spouting pirate slang instead of his usual drunken rambles, and he will probably be giving out pirate-themed rewards as well.


As the update is still fresh out the oven, the information here may not be complete yet. We will be updating it as we find out more, so stay tuned!


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