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Qualcomm Reportedly Developing Switch-like Console

Qualcomm, the company that we probably know best for their Snapdragon chips, is apparently working on a Switch-like console that runs on Android 12.

The news comes from Android Police, who reported the console (which Qualcomm did not comment on) as having detachable controllers that bring to mind the Switch’s Joy-Cons. An unidentified “premium” supplier is designing and manufacturing the gamepads.

Android Police said that it was unable to share the images it saw, but the console itself apparently resembles a “thicker, bulkier” smartphone more than a Switch, with the design’s increased thickness and thermal headroom meant to allow for faster and more efficient processor performance “than a modern ultra-thin smartphone”. It will apparently have a 6,000mAh battery with Quick Charge. Android Police was not given information about the display, but XDA editor-in-chief Mishaal Rahman tweeted that they’d heard that the console will have a 6.65” Full HD+ display.

Image source: Nintendo

Android Police also reported that Qualcomm’s console will support external displays and have an SD card slot for storage expansion, along with features like Bluetooth, 5G (using the X55 modem), dual-zone haptics, GPS, and accelerometers. It will have a customized launcher and “full support for Google’s suite of Play apps and services”, with Qualcomm hoping to support the Epic Games Store app at launch as well. Additionally, there are plans for Qualcomm to have a content portal of its own.

The console is apparently planned for a Q1 2022 launch with a targeted US$300 (~RM1,239) price tag. “Qualcomm plans to offer direct sales to consumers, but also wants to use its US carrier connections to get on store shelves,” wrote Android Police. The website added that Qualcomm hopes that its console will inspire partners to look at new form factors.


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