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PUBG: New State Officially Launches

After a 2-hour delay due to server issues this morning, PUBG: New State is now available to download for both Android and iOS users. The free-to-play game is available in 17 different languages.

PUBG: New State aims to push the battle royale genre forward through original gameplay features like weapon customisation, the drone store, and a unique player recruitment system. The game arrives with 3 gameplay modes: Battle Royale, 4v4 Deathmatch, and the Training Ground.

It offers monthly Survivor Passes for players to unlock in-game rewards and Ranked Seasons for players to compete against each other to increase their tier. Ranked Seasons will run for 2 months at a time.

In celebration of the launch, Krafton is hosting a global "Play With Friends" campaign from 15 - 21 November. Players who log in to the game every day during this period will stand a chance to win the #NewStateStyle in-game emote and a Chicken medal, which can be used to exchange for items from the in-game store.

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