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Police Shuts Down Pizza Hut Store In China Due To Genshin Impact Collab Popularity

Genshin Impact is currently hosting a collaboration event with Pizza Hut in China. Similar to the KFC event they had last year, the collab features characters from the game promoting the store alongside limited-time rewards.

Given how popular Genshin Impact is even in China, it shouldn’t be a surprise to find out many fans flocked to their nearest Pizza Hut to participate. What the organisers most likely weren’t expecting was the number of eager fans.

According to some online comments, many Pizza Hut outlets had long queues of Genshin fans eager to enter. There were also reports of police having to intervene and temporarily shut down a store due to overcrowding.

While this is another example of how popular Genshin Impact still is almost 2 years since its release, it is unfortunate that collaborations like this are only limited to China. We can only hope that these events will be available in other countries as well.


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