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Pokemon Sword/Shield Gets an Expansion Pass, New Legendaries, and 200 Existing Pokemon

I told ya man, 2020 is the year of innovation.

Instead of releasing a new version of the game with an added adjective and a slightly expanded storyline, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be getting an expansion pass that opens up new areas and storylines in your existing save file.

The first new storyline we'll be getting is called The Isle of Armor, coming in June 2020, followed by The Crown Tundra, coming in Fall 2020.

The Isle of Armor will feature new Pokemon previously unseen in the Galar region, along with a training dojo, a mentor, new clothes, new rivals, and a new legendary Fighting-type pokemon called Kubfu.

The Crown Tundra will feature a new form of co-op play (yay, time to milk my Nintendo Online subscription for all its worth) and a Grass-Psychic type called Calyrex. In addition to the return of previous pokemon, new forms of some legendaries are also teased in the trailer - most notably the three legendary birds, Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, as well as new elemental Regis (lightning type...Regizap?!.

Like the Wild Area, both the new areas will appear as seamless maps - but even bigger. More than 200 existing Pokemon that didn't make the Dexit cut will return in these new areas - some with Dynamax forms to make up for their former absence (I can already see the Bulbasaur Propoganda page celebrating.)

G-Max Venusaur is ready to GO

Other new features include:

  • G-Max forms for your Galar starters

  • All-new tutor moves

  • The return of apricorns

  • Exp. charm fore more exp

  • New looks for your bike

The expansion pass will be available for $29.99 (~RM123) later today.

You can watch the Pokemon Direct video for more details:

Edit: Some corrections made and more details added


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