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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reveal new ghost-type Pokemon Gimmighoul.

Give me gold

A brand-new ghost-type Pokemon debuts in the latest trailer for Pokemon Scarlet & Violet which can be found in the Paldea Region.

These Gimmighoul typically appears inside a treasure chest, it also is able to switch to "roaming form". As in the "roaming form", Gimmighoul carries a single coin on its back, and it's so quick that not any trainer managed to catch one in this form.

When Gimmighoul spotted a person or Pokemon nearby, it will ambush them using its ghost energy to control the target, forcing them to collect coins. Because it often hides in warehouses, shop corners, and other places people and Pokemon don't frequent, it tends to keep persistent control of those it does manage to encounter.

Also, the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will have connectivity to Pokemon GO sometime in 2023 but with some restrictions; no Pokemon can be sent from GO to Scarlet & Violet directly and Scarlet & Violet will be compatible with Pokemon HOME sometime after release.


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