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PlayStation Reveals Looks of Gran Turismo 7 DD Pro Steering Wheel

As Gran Turismo 7 is months away from its release on 4 March 2022, PlayStation has shared four images of the Gran Turismo DD Pro wheel on Twitter. Designed in collaboration with Polyphony Digital, the wheel offers an officially licensed Gran Turismo drive wheel.

The wheel features force feedback with up to 5 Nm peak torque, tuning menus for both beginners (standard) and enthusiasts (advanced), four directional sticks, and PlayStation button inputs. The Fanatec wheel also comes with a metal two-pedal set built for precision and durability using 12-bit sensors.

The Pro wheel is now available for pre-order with the base version priced at US$700 (~RM2,936) while the higher-end version comes at US$970 (~RM4,069).


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