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Physical Version of Stardew Valley Announced, Collector's Edition Included

Fans of Stardew Valley, prepare your wallets! The developer of the game, ConcernedApe - also known as Eric Barone - has just announced a physical version of the beloved country-life RPG.

It will be available for both Nintendo Switch and PC in standard and collector's editions. The prices are as follows:

Nintendo Switch Standard Edition: US$34 (~RM144)

Nintendo Switch Collector's Edition: US$69 (~RM293)

PC Standard Edition: US$29 (~RM123)

PC Collector's Edition: US$64 (~RM271)

You can also bundle in a hardcover guidebook for US$25 and save US$4 off the standalone price.

As for the collector's edition, you'll be getting a whole bunch of goodies, including an adorable six-piece standee made from birch and cherry wood, a wooden lapel pin, as well as little add-ons like a farm deed with gold foil detailing and a 14-page Junimo comic by Chihiro Sakaida, the artist of the "Before the Farmer" comic.

Since the physical copies are being produced as a collaboration with, we're not sure if you'll be seeing this on your local retailer's shelves any time soon. Pre-orders are now open on the website however - you can head over here to check it out.


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